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Payment Options


Payments Accepted


2. CREDIT CARD: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card:  per card company rules, card holder MUST be present (signature on card must match signature on receipt).

3. DEBIT CARD: Cards accepted with MasterCard or Visa logo

4. CHECK: (personal or business; for amount of purchase only; no 3rd party checks EXCEPT Colorado Mesa University refund checks may be accepted with no more than $50 cash back).

5. MAVcard Debit:  Cards linked to Wells Fargo checking account (PIN REQUIRED).

6. MAVcard FLEX: must have funds on deposit on your MAVcard FLEX Account. MAVmoney is food-service only and not accepted at The Maverick Store.

7. MAVcharge: Charge your course materials directly to your student account.

  • Limited time availability (Fall 2016 funds available August 1 - September 23)
  • $75 per credit hour/$900 maximum credit available
  • Line of credit only — must be repaid, fees may apply



  • Third party billing: pre-authorization from agency is required

Multiple forms of payment may be accepted (no more than 3 credit cards per transaction). 


Easy payment through your student MAVcard Flex Money account.

Parents or family members who wish to pay for books or supplies but will not be present for the purchase or refund can add funds to their student’s MAVcard Flex. Call the MAVcard Office at 970.248.1059 to add money to the account or add money online.


Offered for a limited time only. At the start of the semester, student may charge up to $900 (maximum $75 per enrolled credit hour) directly to their student account via MAVcharge. Charges are subject to applicable repayment deadlines, service charges, fees, ect. More information regarding account repayment is available through Student Accounts.

MAVrewards Program

Cashiers request the customer’s MAVcard for every purchase. In addition to serving as a photo ID for card and check payments, the MAVcard serves as a membership card for our frequent shopper program, MAVrewards. For every $100 in non-textbook purchases, customers earn a $5 coupon for their next store purchase. The more customers shop at The Maverick Store, the more savings they will earn. 

  • One coupon generated per purchase. For example, a single purchase of $500 will generate one coupon on that transaction, and one coupon each on the next four transactions.
  • Coupons are tracked electronically. Paper receipt is not necessary for redemption.
  • Only one coupon may be redeemed per purchase; merchandise total must exceed coupon total.
  • Coupons may not be redeemed for sales tax.
  • Coupons are earned on merchandise purchases only; shipping or postage purchases, sales tax, gift cards, etc. do not count towards coupon generation.
  • Coupons expire four months from date of issue.
  • Campus departments and thrid party accounts are not eligible for the MAVrewards Program.