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Textbook Information for Students


In order to find your textbooks at The Maverick Store, you will need to bring a copy of your schedule which can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office or MAVzone.

The information necessary to find textbooks is the course name, course number (CRN) and section number (which is different from the CRN). The General Psychology 150-001 class would appear as PSYC 150-001. The first three digits are the course number, and the second three digits are the course section. Knowing all six digits is imperative because different course sections may have different textbooks. Example, PSYC 150-001 and PSYC 150-004 have different textbooks.

The textbooks are arranged in the store alphabetically by department name. The textbooks are identified by shelf tags that display information about the class and the textbook. Yellow shelf tags are for Montrose classes.

An example of a in-store shelf tag.

The shelf tag will also display how many textbooks are required for one class, and if the textbook listed on the tag is required. In the example above, the tag shows that there are two required textbooks for BIOL 107L-001, and the textbook listed, Photographic Atlas/Botany Lab, is required.

Tips on purchasing textbooks.

  • Choose your format based on your needs. Many titles are offered in more that one format. When available, The Maverick Store may offer a choice of New or Used traditional books, unbound binder-ready books, bundled packages, individual bundle components, e-books, or rentals.

  • Attend class before buying any books listed as optional. Wait a few weeks before purchasing all the materials for a class that requires multiple titles. Just be sure to purchase all of your books by mid-semester, before we begin returning unsold copies to the publisher.

  • Once you are sure that you won’t need to return a book, personalize it in some way that will make it easy to identify as yours in case it is stolen. For example, choose page 72 in each of your books and draw a happy face in green highlighter. Report all stolen books to the bookstore as soon as possible.
  • After the first week of class, if we don’t have a book that you need, we will take your name and phone number and reserve the next available copy for you.


Purchase smart and save money.  Use VerbaCompare to see how The Maverick Store completes with other bookstores on popular textbook titles. You will be surprised to find that The Maverick Store is the most competitive 85 percent of the time.


The Maverick Store online is the most convent way to order your textbook for the upcoming semester.  Order your books now from the comfort of your home and pick-up your order when you get to campus. You can also ship your order to where you are if you want to get a head start on your reading. Use the Course Materials Search to find all the materials you need for your course.