Welcome to the ease of Direct Digital

CMU offers numerous courses that use Direct Digital – a technology driven approach to learning materials that automatically delivers books to a student's personal online platform. Not only are materials digitally delivered on the first day of class, they appear on a student's account without any additional efforts or hassle.

Your student life made easy at a reduced price

In addition to removing the burden of old fashioned book-buying, the materials are provided at a reduced price compared to purchasing a paper version with an access code.

Is there an alternative to Direct Digital?

If the easy-pay, direct access method is not for you, no problem. Traditional books, loose leaf editions and access codes can be purchased separately from CMU or other sources. Simply choose the opt out option provided to your CMU email by the Add/Drop date and purchase course materials elsewhere. You will receive a refund of the Direct Digital charge automatically.

I want Direct Digital and the easy pay method. So what else do I do?

Nothing. Your materials will be billed to your student account and delivered to D2L. Simply login or ask your professor for assistance. Just remember that to opt out for a full refund the request must be made by the Add/Drop date for the term you are registered in.

If you would like more information about Direct Digital please contact The Maverick Store at bookstore@coloradomesa.edu.

Need more information about Direct Digital?

Watch our orientation video.