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Information for faculty

The Maverick Store is the only one-stop source of information for Colorado Mesa course materials. The only way we can obtain accurate information is by working closely with faculty, through a process known as adoption. Although students may choose to purchase materials elsewhere, they still rely on the bookstore for reliable information.

We look forward to working with you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Textbook Adoption

Textbook and Course Material Adoption Deadlines

January Term - October (exact date TBA)

Spring Semester - October (exact date TBA)

Summer Sessions - March (exact date TBA)

Fall Semester - March (exact date TBA)

Why so early?

The Maverick Store asks for course material adoptions twice each year: once in October and once in March. Having information early allows us to begin researching titles and sourcing used books.

If there is a problem with a title, we can communicate with faculty and resolve the matter well in advance of classes beginning.

We can begin sourcing used books. Despite the increasing availability of alternate-format textbooks, used books are still the best value for students. We purchase books from our own students during finals week through our Buyback program. We also purchase books from several national wholesalers, as well as the open market, to ensure we have as many used book as possible.

Students demand course material information early. We must be ready to sell books in our store or online at least three weeks before classes begin.