Payments accepted


CREDIT CARD: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card: per card company rules, card holder MUST be present (signature on card must match signature on receipt).

DEBIT CARD: Cards accepted with MasterCard or Visa logo.

CHECK: (personal or business; for amount of purchase only; no 3rd party checks.

MAVcard Debit: Cards linked to US Bank checking account (PIN REQUIRED).

MAVcharge: Offered for a limited time only. At the start of the semester, students may charge up to $1200 (maximum $100 per enrolled credit hour) directly to their student account via MAVcharge. Charges are subject to applicable repayment deadlines, service charges, fees, ect. More information regarding account repayment is available through Student Accounts.

GIFT CARDCurrently accepted in store only.

ON ACCOUNT: Third party billing: pre-authorization from agency is required

Note: Multiple forms of payment may be accepted (no more than 3 credit cards per transaction).